Free Server Performance Monitoring


Main news are support for new virtualization technologies and HMC REST API support.

Supported virtualization technologies

IBM Power Systems

  • HMC REST API usage as a total replacement for HMC CLI (ssh) access used until now
    • Performance data for all physical adapters: SR-IOV, FC, Eth, SAS
    • Configuration with more details
    • Power Enterprise Pools configuration
  • POWER9 support in CPU Workload Estimator
  • Monitoring and alerting for filesystem space utilization
  • IBM i - ASP latency monitoring
  • Reporter - new reporting feature
  • AIX WLM (Workload Manager) monitoring


  • New reporting feature called Reporter
  • Cluster LAN aggregated graphs (per ESXi)
  • Custom Group: Memory consumed added
  • Optimised data gathering from vCenter and back-end processing